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This problem inspired me to create a place Catchin24.in where people can get unique, great brands, attractive items for themselves, friends and family. I hope that this idea changes the game and people score well in their near and dear once heart.

Our Story

We always wondered to do something unique "something different from others", this nature invigorate me to become an entrepreneur while our friends continued jobs in big MNCs. As our parents and elders in our family always suggested us to be in secured job but apart from their expectation, we believe in creating something on our own. From 2012 we started our innings with Catchin24. We did receive appreciation from various customers but we were hungry for more. So, slowly we found ourselves at all major e-commerce platform and we started generating more numbers. During this time like test cricket we improved our skills but lacked pace in our life. In 2015 we decide to put covers on our store and come back strongly in our 2nd innings. Currently, you are viewing our re-launched brand new look.

Our stall at Ambience mall, New Delhi 10 Sep 2012.
Way Back in 2015.

As of Today in 2018

All Delivered Safe And Secure.

+15000 Catches Delivered

97% Clean Strike Delivered on Time

Our Squad

  • Unknown-person
    Anshu Rai
    Opener (Founder)
  • Unknown-person
    Naveen Kumar
    All Rounder (CTO)

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